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Madame Scodioli Interview - maker of perfume, beard oil & lotions

Posted on October 21 2016

Madame Scodioli is one of our favorite brands and we had the opportunity to have a little chat with the madame herself or - Riley Fouts which is her real name.

Madame Scodioli handmade soaps and perfumes

Wild & Arrow : Tell us a little bit about Madame Scodioli!

Riley Fouts: Madame Scodioli is the stoic bearded figurehead for a unique line of bath and beauty
products. The line is conceptually modeled around the American traveling carnival from the late nineteenth century through the dustbowl era. Madame is stern but fair, exacting in her trade, but she's also quite witty and loves a good laugh. She finds beauty in the bizarre. I like to think of her as an icon for unconventional beauty as well as individuality and confidence.
Basically, she's everything I want to be.

W&A: How did it all start?

RF: In 2009 I had an office job and I was looking for something creatively fulfilling on the
side. I decided to teach myself to make soap, and then perfume and other products. I’ve been a graphic designer for ten years now, so I wanted to brand my products and see if I could sell them. The whole thing was basically an experiment at first, to see if people would buy beauty products from a bearded lady.

Madame Scodioli

W&A: What inspires you?

RF: I draw inspiration from gypsies, carnival folk, restless spirits of all kinds. I am also
heavily influenced by my location (central Kansas) and its history.

W&A: What’s the future plans for Madame Scodioli?

RF: For the last few years we've been restoring an old Victorian home. Now the project is
almost complete, and I plan to move my businesses to the new location in a month. I will
have more space for production, more space for storage. The Madame can grow.

Handmade Vegan Body Lotion, vegan beard oil, vegan aftershave, solid perfume

We absolutely love working with the multi talented perfume maker, photographer & designer Riley!
Come by our store in Stockholm to smell her perfume, body lotions, beard oils and soon in store, her aftershave or shop online in the Wild & Arrow webshop!

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