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Urban Desert Earrings Oxidized Silver

498 kr

The Urban Desert Collection grew out of a desire to walk through the great plain of sands, to wander under the desert skies. Ode to to Nomads that has been doing so for
ages of time.

Urban Desert earrings is all handmade Silver earrings with hand carved patterns.
2 x 2 cm.

Also available in golden Brass and Sparkling Silver.


Kollektionen Urban Desert kom genom en djupt rotad längtan att få vandra genom ökens dagar och nätter likt dess nomader alltid har gjort tid efter tid.

Urban Desert örhängen är tillverkade för hand i silver med ristat mönster och är ca 2 x 2 cm stora.

Handtillverkade i Gyllene Mässing, Skimrande Silver eller Mörkt Oxiderat Silver.

Qvist Jewellery
"As a child I found something on a dirty workshop floor that would be the beginning of a great love.. I still remember how the smell of iron made me nauseous.
It was a welding residual and it was the most precious thing I had ever seen."

The Origin Of Love For Metals -
"I rediscovered the welding residual last summer at my parents house in Luleå, hidden in a tiny white plastic box with golden letters and pink cotton inside, 20 years after first finding it!
That must be true love and a great inspiration!"

All handmade brass and silver jewels inspired by the sheer love of metals and all the cultural craftsmanship found across the world with it´s unique colorful shapes and patterns.
Where vivid Dreams, Memories, Stories and Places come together.


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