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Hard Times Design

Owl and the Moon T-shirt womens sizes

350 kr

Women's t shirt with owl and full moon print by Hardtimes Design.

For twin peaks lovers , the owls are not what they seem :)
For a woodland flair to a casual outfit, this full moon women’s owl t-shirt is a breathtaking choice to wear on any occasion.
Hand-tailored in detail, with the ominous owl perched on a branch and a silhouette of the moon glowing behind.
Wear it with casual jeans or even leggings for a wicked look that is perfect for running errands or even a quick yoga session.
As a gift, it is sure to delight your recipient.
This is a limited edition Hard Times Design
The print is more of a beige color than in the picture.

T-shirt made of Tencel, a soft natural fabric with optimum moisture transportation.
Tencel or lyocell is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose.

Hard Times Design

Gaia and Marco, are the dynamic duo, the minds and hands behind "Hard Times Design".
They pour all of their creative energy into each one of the original and hand-drawn illustrations.
With a shared common love for vintage design and tattoo art, Gaia and Marco expertly weave their most vivid imaginations into a cohesive design. Each one of their designs starts as a sketch on paper and evolves into a viable art work that tells a story of its own.
With a penchant for illustration and a love for Mother Earth, Hard Times Design” is truly an enchanted journey that combines the better of two worlds – style and sustainability.
Hard Times Design´s shirts and home décor items are manufactured with water-based inks which are much kinder to the environment than chemical based paints.
"Inspired by vintage illustrations, nature and tattoo art, we screen-print each design onto ethically-manufactured clothing and home décor accessories."
The result is nothing short of amazing.

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