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Tamara Steinborn Jewelry

JADA Hand Necklace in Silver

840 kr

Hand necklace with handcarved details by Tamara Steinborn Jewelry.
Made in Solid Sterling Silver (bronze in photo is sold out).

  • Jada means wise one in Hebrew. This petite Victorian style hand talisman is wise and gentle and offers all manner of things. 
  • 45cm 18" sterling silver chain.
  • Hand carved and cast in Ottawa/Montreal

We can exchange the chain to our sterling silver chain in lengths 36-80cm. Find the options in the dropdown menu .
The necklace is shipped in eco friendly Wild & Arrow branded gift box for safe storage and ready for gift giving.

Tamara Steinborn

Self taught metalsmith, Tamara Steinborn has been designing jewellery for 2 decades. She shares her time between many loves - getting dirty with metal, chasing poems in her head and teaching yoga. Fun facts about Tamara... She has a BA & MA, neither of which are relevant to her career. She speaks a few languages, some well, some horribly. She writes and has had small bits published here & there. She collects oddities and taxidermy.

The Brand

Tamara Steinborn Jewellery is a hand carved collection of modern talismans and mythical treasures, evoking stories and meaning for those who wear it. Each piece is designed and made in Ottawa/Montreal using traditional metalsmithing techniques. ​ Inspired by the Valkyrie myth of Rota, "she who causes turmoil," Steinborn focuses on images that provoke and disquiet, but with a sense of beauty. Recurring themes include eyes that ward off evil, hands that lay protective spells and the moon in all of its beauty. ​

Capsule Collection
Inspired to create jewelry with an element of timelessness and clean lines and to take another step toward sustainability, 2019 sees Tamara Steinborn launching her first capsule collection. With a focus on the organic, these simple, free flowing shapes hold a timeless quality that creates a collection meant to be worn season after season and provide the basis for anyone’s jewellery box. ​
The studio is committed to being environmentally conscious and to take steps toward sustainability and transparency. All Tamara Steinborn jewelry is proudly created in Ottawa/Montreal in a casting process that includes a portion of recycled metal. Metal can be recycled over and over without loss of quality and the studio collects and returns for North American refining all silver polishings, filings and scrap. ​ All chains are North American sourced. Tamara Steinborn is fairly made and all hands that cast, polish and assemble the jewellery are local. Office paper is 100% recycled content. ​ All office paper, printer cartridges, electronics and light bulbs get recycled. ​ Studio cleaning products are non toxic and biodegradable. 
​ Everyone’s time is valuable. The studio does not hire “interns” – all work is done in-house with staff on payroll at above minimum wage. Photo shoot models are also paid a fair wage for their time.

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