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Vittra Atelier

Iron Moon Necklace Black

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Long necklace with large crescent moon shaped pendant in handforged, whrought iron by Vittra Atelier (formerly Pochaunted).
The pendant is coated with burnt linseed oil and wrapped in black linen. Long textile neck tie attached with black hemp cord. Adjust it with a knot or wear it long or wrapped twice around your neck.
Each item is made to order and will vary slightly. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.

- made in sweden
- shipped in gift box

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IRON, a core element of the earth, considered highly protective and anchoring. Iron is connected to courage, strength, resilience and to reject malevolent energies.

Vittra Atelier
"for your shadows and the spirits of nature | made in mountains of the north"

Vittra Atelier is a one women project, founded on All Hallow´s Eve of 2016, with all items handmade to order in the mountains of Åre, northern Sweden.
With aim to keep the craft cruelty free, ethical materials are chosen. Handcrafted, fair trade fine silver or wrought iron metals, along with vegan fabrics, hemp or linen fibers. The designs are intuitive, mainly an expression of my inner and outer worlds.

"Vittra Atelier jewelry bear my intention and aim to grow to be part of your being. With worship for nature and the great forms of life which here reside. All equally worthy and sacred, when walking beside here on earth as when out of reach, in another time or space.

May magick be yours."

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